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Тони Вэйкфорд, Томас Петерсон и Джером Ройтер фактически сорвали концерт в Магдебурге, отказавшись выступать на одной сцене вместе с прохристианской martial командой Spreu & Weizen.
Вот объяснение со стороны Джерома:
"This is a joint statement by SOL INVICTUS, O.R.E and ROME to explain the change to the line up of the Magdeburg concert.

As some of you know there was a fourth band on the line-up of which we did not know at the time of agreeing to the show. After learning about their participation and on being told by a number of friends and fans about the views of this band we all thought it best to either exclude them or cancel the show altogether. We do not under any circumstances want to be affiliated to bands promoting
racist or homophobic views of any kind. We thought we should let you know.
This is not a freedom of speech issue. Individuals and bands are entitled to their views, but we also have the right not to be a part of the promotion of those views.

Tony Wakeford, SOL INVICTUS
Tomas Peterson, O.R.E
Jerome Reuter, ROM"

такие дела, мда

Spreu & Weizen – Deus Lo Vult
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